Wellness Screens

Wellness Screens

Protective barriers for your employees and customers

Provide your employees and customers with a wellness screen to help prevent the spread of viruses like COVID-19. Designed to integrate into reception, open-plan offices and point of sale areas. Made from clear acrylic, these screens are easy to wipe clean and sanitize to help maintain a healthy environment. Several mounting options allow the screens to be easily secured and removed without damaging the existing furniture or used as a permanent fixture.


• Clear acrylic screen 5mm thick
• Height 36”
• Width 36” or 48”
• Aluminum extruded post and mounting bracket painted in Designer White
• Elevated panel mount allows for document pass-through


• For use with existing worksurface or transaction top
• Aluminum extruded post with “C” mounting bracket
• Connects to 1 1/8” (LP) or 1 1/2” (W) tops


• Freestanding board mounted screen
• Laminate base is 12” deep, 36/48” wide available in standard finishes


• Screw down surface mount
• Aluminum extruded post with flat face mount bracket