Licence desking

Generation next

Versatile in both form and function, Licence 2 allows you to transition with ease from private office to open plan.

In today’s ever changing workplace flexible, scalable solutions are critical to an organization’s success. Furniture should reflect the culture and create a platform to enrich productivity. A vast array of standard components, the ability to integrate with Boulevard panel systems and a complete build-to-spec program Licence 2 gives you the ability to create an office environment tailored to your specific needs.


Licence to plan your way

Licence 2 modular desking gives you the freedom to express your culture and brand without compromise. From private offices to open plans, choose your palette of parts and go as far as your imagination takes you.

Peak performer

Complements traditional to contemporary spaces and everything in between. Plan horizontally and vertically to create visually compelling
and diverse office landscapes. Define your space and personalize your aesthetic with a broad range of standard components.

Support agile spaces

Expands, evolves and adapts as you do. Licence 2 is compatible with Boulevard, Boulevard System 3, Bridges II, FreeFit and Kadin, making possible an easy integration of product lines to create a seamless floor plan. Non-handed, modular components ensure flexibility for future needs