Foundations desking

Contemporary. Minimal. Inspirational.

Foundations desking draws upon a contemporary minimal aesthetic, paring down furniture structure and surface to its essence to reveal an architecture of simple horizontal and vertical planar elements.

Designed by Christopher Wright. Each piece is designed to serve the needs of a changing office landscape, elevating the look and function of the private office and taking into account the diverse uses of meeting rooms in the modern work environment.



Simple horizontal and vertical elements

Evoking modern architectural facades, the striking design also allows for a higher level of flexibility in the office space.

Less formal - more functional

Components for the private office include modular desks, credenzas and wall storage units punctuated by niches set into the vertical plane of the unit.

Reflect your style

Personal items or work tools can be stored in the niches, desks and storage components that combine to suit the individual workstyles.