Connect. Expand.

Bridges is the most versatile benching, desking or freestanding system.

Bridges is carefully curated to support the needs of the contemporary workspace. From open plan, to team rooms, to focused workspaces and anywhere in between, Bridges makes space for community and connection in any office plan.


Connect and share with others

Easily configured as a benching, desking or freestanding system. Bridges’ kit-of-parts design supports varying levels of privacy and engagement. A range of storage options help shape an office landscape with varying heights and levels of privacy.

Create a seamless look

Span the entire floor plan from reception to the CEO’s office. Integrated seating, storage and leg options combined with a robust offering of laminates allows you to customize your space and look.

Span any group size

Facilitate the connection of people, ideas and technology. Bridges media solutions can flex from a workspace to a meeting space with ease. Accommodate a range of group sizes and technology needs in any open or closed space.