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Introducing "FreeFit" height adjustable tables. Both ergonomic and cost effective.

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FreeFit - height adjustable tables

These tables are designed specifically to accommodate all bases from basic rectangular tables and corners to "D" and "P" tables, cloud conference tables and full "L" shaped workstations. Height ranges include a Sit-to-Stand range (Extended range) that meets the latest Bifma requirements.
Jeo - a retro contemporary series

Jeo is offering design versatility for a number of workplace applications. The cube design looks great and functions well in lounge, conferencing, collaborative and small groups, or even side/guest environments.
Descor - Our People Make the Difference

Global Contract craftsmen combine their intricate skill with state-of-the-art manufacturing to create each conference table. Select from a full compliment of standard shapes, sizes, veneer patterns, bases and power/data options. Global Contract offers a complete "build-to-spec" program for our clients. Whether it is a custom shape, edge detail, finish or specialty veneer we can create products specifically suited to your office environment.

Designed for a Sustainable World

Boulevard exemplifies Global Contract's strength in innovative design and its commitment to using the world's resources intelligently.
Vlad Muller, Bridges Designer:

"Change is constant" has never been truer than todays business environment. With that in mind, bridges understands that businesses need to be more nimble and be able to address staffing needs quickly. Thats why one of bridges more appealing features is its modularity. The ability to add storage, desking, partitions and extra power management are an important deciding factor for many growing businesses.

With Global Contract, businesses can feel confident that bridges products will be around for years to come.

Bridges is rooted in the collaborative spirit of the new workforce and can help employees Connect, Share and Achieve.
Bridges Features and Design:

The changing economy and millennial workforce are driving new inspiration in office design and workstations. Vlad Muller, Director of R&D for Global Contract shares his design inspiration and rationale for bridges by Global Contract. The needs of achanging workforce, more mobile and more collaborative, requires a new workspace that nurtures innovation and allows employees to CONNECT SHARE and ACHIEVE.
Another Workday Begins:

See what a day in a contemporary office space looks like. Be inspired by Global Contracts bridges new line of modern benching workstations. See how your team can better collaborate sharing ideas, unhindered by the spaces in which they CONNECT SHARE and ACHIEVE.
Diet+ Electrics

Diet is an economical, “soft wire” system with simple means of optional power and data / communication cable management trough that snaps to the bottom of the panel.
Evolve Environmental Systems

Furniture for a Sustainable World...

Wherever possible, the entire Evolve panel system and the processes to manufacture it were designed to save and protect the environment by building healthier offices, reducing waste and recycling its materials.
Evolve Testimonial by Purolator

Furniture for the Sustainable endorsed by Purolator. A first hand glimpse into Purolator's new offices in Mississauga, Ontario.
Height Adjustable Tables

You wear many hats every day. How can a table adjust to all the ways you work? By providing you flexibility, comfort and collaboration.
The Manufacturing of Boulevard and Boulevard 3

Global Contract is a leader in reducing waste materials in the manufacturing of Boulevard & Boulevard System 3.

At the touch of a button, Vault's innovative electronic drive motor with magnetic clutch rotates the surface technology 180° to the proper position every time. It features a photo-electronic eye which prevents rotation when obstructed or while cords are connected, ensuring safe closure. Available on Licence and Descor in 3 standard configurations.