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Bridges II


At its core, bridges focuses on linear, back-2-back table assemblies, and it's expanded toolbox makes it ideal for a multitude of workplace solutions - it can even be integrated with system furniture. bridges allows you to mix it up, throw ideas around, be mobile, and connect the dots in different ways. bridges is completely customizable with it's variety of workstation configurations, finishes and features including worksurface power/data access, glass or laminate partition, out-of-sight wire management and easy expansion from single to multi-person stations.


Tower with wire trough pass through.
Leveler and caster foot options.
Smart storage provides flexibility & access. Raised storage units provide uninterrupted access to panel based floor raceways.
Modern linear workstations adapt to your needs with end table, shared and personal shelving.
Customize your workspace with glass or laminate partitions with integrated accessory rails.
Above worksurface trough allows for immediate power-data access for a multitude of mobile devices.
Wire basket for under worksurface keeps cables neat, tidy and out of sight.
Height adjustable round legs and fixed height rectangular legs.
As flexible as you are. Fits your workspace and collaborative needs - can expand from a single table to multi-person workstation.

Die-cast Brackets

Die-cast bracket.
Die-cast bracket with transparency.


Gable extended.
Gable pedestal.

Glass Divider

Glass divider - 24 inch single table.
Glass divider - 30 inch over leg.

Modesty Panels

Modesty glass divider - EOR combo.
Modesty glass divider.

Back 2 Back Stack on Storage

Overhead storage closed.
Overhead storage - open.

Wire Management Shroud

Bridges II shroud.
Shroud - offset with wire arrows.


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Bridges II Multimedia


Includes audio.

Vlad Muller, Bridges Designer:
"Change is constant" has never been truer than todays business environment. With that in mind, bridges understands that businesses need to be more nimble and be able to address staffing needs quickly. Thats why one of bridges more appealing features is its modularity. The ability to add storage, desking, partitions and extra power management are an important deciding factor for many growing businesses.

With Global Contract, businesses can feel confident that bridges products will be around for years to come.

Bridges is rooted in the collaborative spirit of the new workforce and can help employees Connect, Share and Achieve.

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Includes audio.

Bridges Features and Design:
The changing economy and millennial workforce are driving new inspiration in office design and workstations. Vlad Muller, Director of R&D for Global Contract shares his design inspiration and rationale for bridges by Global Contract. The needs of achanging workforce, more mobile and more collaborative, requires a new workspace that nurtures innovation and allows employees to CONNECT SHARE and ACHIEVE.

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Includes audio.

Another Workday Begins:
See what a day in a contemporary office space looks like. Be inspired by Global Contracts bridges new line of modern benching workstations. See how your team can better collaborate sharing ideas, unhindered by the spaces in which they CONNECT SHARE and ACHIEVE.

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