Corporate & Social Responsibility


The Global Group firmly believes ergonomics plays a vital role in contributing to the health and wellness in the workplace of today's diverse population.

In support of this belief, Global:

  • Became the first Corporate Member of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) in 2001. ACE is the voice of ergonomics in Canada and believes that high quality ergonomics is good for business and good for people. On an on-going basis Global partners with ACE to contribute to the development and promotion of ergonomics in Canada.
  • Employs a certified professional ergonomist who:
    • Provides advice and guidance to The Global Group throughout product life cycle.
    • Serves as an ergonomics resource to clients.
  • Strives to design products that:
    • Fit the intended users.
    • Promote personal comfort and enhance performance while minimizing the safety and health risks associated with today’s workplace.
    • Keep pace with the rapid development of technologies and quickly changing aspects of the workplace.
  • Provides customers with up-to-date practical ergonomics information and educational opportunities.

Common Questions

What is Office Ergonomics?

The study of the interactions between office workers and their work environments.

What is the Goal of Office Ergonomics?

FIT the work environment and the tasks to the worker.

What are the Benefits of Office Ergonomics?

  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Increased safety
  • Increased comfort
  • Increased productivity

What Does FIT Mean?

The first thought that often comes to mind when one thinks of the word FIT is physically fitting into the chair and workstation. There is more to FIT than accommodating physical size and shape. The concept of FIT also means your furniture allows you to move in and out of preferred postures and to perform your job tasks.

What are the Desirable Conditions of FIT?

Desirable conditions that should be met by your furniture to ensure a good FIT:

  1. Allows you to move both rhythmically and from one fixed posture to another
  2. Matches you physically
  3. Supports you and your tasks properly