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Durability / Upgradability

Global Contract Inc.’s products are by nature designed for a long life. Robust engineering, modular design, practices, testing (including meeting and exceeding BIFMA standards) and design for serviceability have always been part of Global Contract Inc.’s product development process. Details of these processes are documented as a formal procedure.

Systems furniture is designed for change, allowing organizations to rearrange their offices as needs change. An initial investment is not made obsolete because of the ability to rearrange, upgrade and augment. For example, removable elements, fascias and trim allow functional change (acoustic to glazed, door module to solid fascias, etc.) and refresh new fabrics or repairs as needed. New products and components are usually retrofitted to existing furniture. Wiring can be added if more circuits are needed, with minimal disruption and downtime.

Global Contract Inc. continues to support customers who purchased the product many years ago. Components can be upgraded as modern trim and elements with a different profile transform the product. Elements and other core components such as fabric can be refurbished, extending the product’s life at a fraction of the new product’s cost.

The basic warranty for our products is a limited lifetime warranty (details available at, indicating a commitment to durability and upgradeability. There are exceptions for parts with expected service lifetimes (fabric, wood finishes, chair mechanisms and cylinders, etc.). These parts and other warranty claims are serviced through customer service.

To further facilitate customer access to new or replacement component parts, contact the Customer Service Department at 416-739-5000 or go to our website Details of orders and part pricing are sent to the dealer within 24 hours where quick delivery orders are then placed.

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